Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Savoury Pie Wedding Cake

We are often asked for "special pies for special occasions", but Susi Chapman made us put on our very special thinking caps - a savoury pie Wedding Cake.

Our baker, Les, created a classic 3-tier Wedding Cake - the base pie contained free-range pork layered with chicken fillets and cranberry stuffing, the whole pie topped with cranberries. The jelly filling was made with champagne; the middle pie contained local venison and other wild game, free-range pork, all wrapped in dry-cured streaky bacon, again topped with cranberries and filled with a port jelly; the top pie contained free-range pork, blue stilton and apple, topped with an apple crust, filled with a cider jelly.

Susi (now Mrs Pitura) and her husband have very kindly allowed us to use some of the photos taken at their wedding.


  1. Such a fantastic idea. Not a fan of cake so I have always wanted one of those cakes that is rounds of cheese , but now torn between that and pie. Sure it made the happy couples day

  2. Beautiful cake! I help run a venue in Birmingham AL. Most brides still want to keep the top tier of their cake but if you plan to keep it a year, you must store it properly.

    First, pre-freeze it for a few hours once it arrives home. This makes it much easier to wrap. Second wrap it in plastic wrap and keep as much air out as possible. Third wrap it in foil. Finally put it into something that is air tight like tupper ware.

    Of course a year is a long time, but if you want to even attempt to eat it (without tasting like stale refrigerator water) you must store it properly