Thursday, 4 February 2010

Gloucester Old Spot Hams

I had a litter of Gloucester Old Spots last year who have spent all their lives in the Orchard at Park Farm, eating all the apples and pears that have fallen from the trees. They were destined for bacon, sausages and hams because I knew they would be carrying a good layer of fat. The legs are presently curing in a mixture of salt, brown sugar and salt peta, this is the traditional cure for a York ham. The hams will be taken out of the salt and hung to dry by the end of February and ready to eat by mid March. The hams are cured on the bone and will weigh approximately 25lbs. If anyone is looking for something really special in the ham line, these York cured hams from orchard fed Gloucester Old Spot Pigs (which will have a proper layer of fat) will be fantastic. They will be £85 each or £125 cooked and glazed and we only have 6.

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