Thursday, 11 February 2010

Introducing our new Shepherd

Name: Arthur Ramage

Age: 21, he claims he’s just had a hard paper round!!!

We would like to introduce our new Shepherd, Arthur who commenced work with us at Grange Farm on Monday 1st February. Arthur and his family have moved to North Yorkshire from North, Northumberland to work for us. He will be looking after our three flocks of 1,800 breeding ewe’s which produce 2,500 lambs, the Dorset flock which are used for early breeding and the North Country Blackface which produce our Mules. The flocks cover Levisham Moor, approximately 1800 acres and another 300 of the in by land, which is the land around Grange farm.
Arthur has brought with him his 5 dogs, Davey, Ben and Liz can be seen in the photograph below, Spot and Wallis were “unavailable” for the photo shoot .
Arthur is fitting in well at the farm. When I asked him what made him want to work for the Ginger Pig, he answered the fact we are passionate about animals, we do what is best for them. He says he is most looking forward to lambing season, it’s the busiest and most challenging but extremely rewarding.


  1. your sheperd looks like he has just come down from the hills...!!!! scott

  2. That's oor Arthur, an extremely good shepherd, he's deserving of an appreciative employer. It would seem that in Ginger Pig he has found one. Aw the very best Arthur ( and Lesley)