Friday, 21 May 2010

Burgers for BBQs

With early summer upon us and the start of some warm weather all our shops are making beef burgers to their own recipes.

Borough market are using the thick first slice of rump steak coarsely minced with bone marrow.
Marylebone (Moxon street) are making a very simple american style burger using only minced steak with a little salt and pepper.
Waterloo - Tom our and trained chef and butcher at our Lower marsh shop inside Greensmiths makes his burgers to a different recipe every day.
Hackney - Daniel and Cosmin are blending minced steak with salt, pepper, a little garlic and worcester sauce.

None of the shops use artifical flavourings or colours and don't add rusk. All the burgers we sell are perfect for the BBQ

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

British Pie Awards

Ginger Pig don't often enter competitions but Les our head baker and his 'angels' are making such wonderful handmade pies that we thought it only right to shout about them. The British Pie awards are being judged today in Melton Mowbray.

We have entered our pork, pork ginger and rhubarb, steak and kidney, beef stilton & onion, pork leek and mustard, pork chicken & ham pies. For more information about the awards go to

ITV1 asked us for one of our more unusual pies the Pork, Ginger and Rhubarb pie for a tasting on the David Dickinson show. This pie came about because many of our customers over the years have asked us why we don't have ginger in our sausages and pies etc so we developed a pork pie with just a little bit of stem ginger chopped into the pork. We were just playing about with the pie at the time when the first of the forced rhubarb was becoming available. One of the areas well known for rhubarb is Yorkshire where our farm and bakery is based. Although rhubarb is thought of as a fruit it is in fact a vegetable which works really well with pork, so we didn't think it too strange to be putting a vegetable in the top of our pies. The first batch of these pies were tested on our staff who absolutely loved them so we started selling them in our shops and customers seem to be loving them too!
See how they got on - 1tv1 3pm today.

All our pies are available in our shops so be your own judge, win or lose Les we think you and your team are the best!