Friday, 21 May 2010

Burgers for BBQs

With early summer upon us and the start of some warm weather all our shops are making beef burgers to their own recipes.

Borough market are using the thick first slice of rump steak coarsely minced with bone marrow.
Marylebone (Moxon street) are making a very simple american style burger using only minced steak with a little salt and pepper.
Waterloo - Tom our and trained chef and butcher at our Lower marsh shop inside Greensmiths makes his burgers to a different recipe every day.
Hackney - Daniel and Cosmin are blending minced steak with salt, pepper, a little garlic and worcester sauce.

None of the shops use artifical flavourings or colours and don't add rusk. All the burgers we sell are perfect for the BBQ

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