Monday, 11 May 2009

Borough Market refit

The shop at Borough Market is undergoing a major refit. As this is the first shop Tim opened in 1996 we felt it was time for a revamp. The shop is open whilst the work is being done so why not pop in and take a look We will post some pictures as soon as the work is finished.

New arrivals coming soon

The barn at Grange Farm is a hive of activity as 6 new hen houses are being built by Tom, our joiner.

In keeping with our rare breed principles these will be used to house Maran, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Araucana and Welsummer hens all of which we have chosen for their varied coloured eggs from the terracotta of the Welsummers to the blue of the Araucana- more on these later. Our hen houses are copies of the type of hen ,house found in this part of Yorkshire in the 1950's, with night perches and nesting boxes. They are mounted on cast iron wheels so they can be moved around the meadows to give the hens fresh grazing.

As the hens arrive during the course of the summer we will photograph the various breeds and describe their characteristics and egg shell colour.