Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fresh Free Range Eggs straight from Grange Farm

We had a design meeting with Cheryl-ann from Design Farm Studio up at the farm last week and she went away back down the road to her cottage with some of our fresh eggs hand picked from the tray by Tim.

She couldn't resist taking a snap shot of her son Lennon enjoying his fresh 'Dippy Egg' and soldiers...Lennon said "more more" and three eggs later he was a happy boy.

We're just finishing off our egg box designs with Cheryl-ann so look out for them in our shops.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Butchers Apprentice Adam on Radio 4’s farming today. (click here to listen)

Our apprentice butcher Adam Larder was featured on Radio 4’s Farming Today programme. Adam joined the Ginger Pig in October, 2010 and is currently working through a MEAT apprenticeship scheme.

Adam previously worked for us as a Saturday boy and now wants to make a career in butchery. Farming today visited our shop in Marylebone eager to learn how much impact apprenticeship schemes are having in farming and food production.
Adam (right) is pictured under the watchful eye of Daniel our Hackney butchery manager.