Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Our first pop-up; #winnerwinnerchickendinner

We spent last week 'popping-up' in our Askew Road shop, turning our butchers shop into a restaurant by filling it with tables, chairs, guests, glasses, crockery, cake stands and more. Guests enjoyed a six-course surprise menu, which celebrated the arrival in the shops of our 100-day chickens. Here's a flavour of what went on.

Rillettes, scratchings, 'bread and butter' pickle

Broth with watercress, peas and parsley
Ravioli, with asparagus and a butter sauce
Coq au vin, boulagere potatoes

Cheese, crispbreads made near the farm
There was a beautiful dessert too, made by Sarah on our Yorkshire Farm, but it was so popular we're serving it again at our two pop-up events in Hackney this week, and don't want to spoil the surprise.

Think you might fancy coming to a future dinner-in-a-butchers-shop? Email enquiries@thegingerpig.co.uk with the subject field 'mailing list' and we'll be sure to let you know about future events and new meaty things in general...but definitely, definitely no spam.

@GingerPigLtd really enjoyed last night's six course chicken dins with @lagebaston and especially great to meet @ruduss and @barmbakery

@GingerPigLtd thanks for delicious food at#winnerwinnerchickendinner last night - ate so much choock I might just start sprouting feathers!

still stuffed after #winnerwinnerchickendinner courtesy of @GingerPigLtd. Great night though - when's#winnerwinnerbeefdinner??

@GingerPigLtd huge compliments to the chef as well please!

Thanks @GingerPigLtd for a great #winnerwinnerchickendinner last night - can't wait to roast my 100 day pullet this weekend

thanks to @GingerPigLtd for last night's#winnerwinnerchickendinner - I am still full! Found a bit of cheese in my coat on way to work...

Many thanks to @GingerPigLtd who put on a cracking night last night :) twitpic.com/9wkm9l

Ate some amazing food last night at @GingerPigLtd's supper club. Lovely people and lovely chicken. Especially the ravioli.

Coq au vin #winnerwinnerchickendinner, thank you @GingerPigLtd. I'm in food heaven! pic.twitter.com/ybQH3dW6

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