Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nicola's first day

Yesterday was newest Ginger Pig team member Nicola's first day on the farm, and it's always a pleasure to see our patch of the world through a fresh pair of (very excited) eyes. We're right in the middle of lambing season and Nicola was thrown in at the deep end, delivering her first lamb within a few hours of being on Grange Farm.

Here are a few photos she took while out and about.

Mum and two lambs doing well. The two little fellows are around 6 hours old in this photo.

Some of our orphans. We end up with around 100 each year, usually when their mother has three lambs and can only cope with two, or when she sadly dies during labour. We feed them up indoors until they can join the rest of the flock, and shepherdess (and chief gardener) Lesley makes sure they get a cuddle every now and then.

Darcy and Anna, our two Shire horses. They're just under a year old and despite their current size (they're big!) they still have some growing to do.

What else could we feed her for lunch? It had to be a warm sausage roll, straight from the Ginger Pig bakery.

Nicola will be handling our marketing, events and advising on all things food related, as well as occasional shepherdess, cook, horse handler and dog walker. Welcome to the Ginger Pig, Nicola!

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