Thursday, 30 May 2013

Blackface mutton

A speedy post about the 16 legs of Blackface mutton arriving in the shops tomorrow, Friday 31st May. From three to five year old Blackface cull ewes, the meat is quite lean but incredibly tasty - with all that time grazing out on the North Yorks Moors, these legs are very robust and flavoursome, almost herbal due to a diet rich in heather and gorse. A long, slow braise or pot roast with plenty of stock vegetables and liquid is ideal (like us, older mutton needs a bottle of wine or beer for company, otherwise it could be a bit dry and tough). The shoulders and breasts went into our pies, sausages and sausage rolls, so they'll be extra-tasty this weekend too.

We'll have a few legs in each shop tomorrow - first come, first served, a rare treat not to be missed.

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