Friday, 3 August 2012

55-day rump, givvus a medal!

Move over beach volleyball, we've got the best rumps in town: Longhorn and Galloway beef, dry-aged for 55 days. Why? Because dry-aging lets moisture out of the meat, concentrating the flavour making for beef that is simply beefier than its younger counterparts. The natural enzymes get to work to break down the fibres and connective tissue, so as well as great flavour you get wonderful texture too (in your face, tender fillet!).

We'll clean 'em up for you good and proper, promise

Preferred steak of Ginger Pig owner Tim, rump should be cut fairly thick, seared hot and fast, well rested and served medium-rare. 

These ol' rumps are in our five London shops from today; get your 55-day steak on or a rump roasting joint before someone else beats you to it. Here are some recipes to get the creative juices flowing...

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